How It Works


You may join the library by paying a fee for either 3 or 6 months, or by volunteering to staff the library for 2 hours each month for at least 3 consecutive months. Regardless of when you join, your membership term begins at your first check-out. There are no neighborhood boundaries or other requirements. Our library is open to everyone who wishes to join it!

Sharing a membership is allowed. Each membership will have one Primary Account Holder who is the person we will contact in the event of overdue or damaged items, etc. You may allow anyone you like to use your account – just keep in mind that there is a 3 item limit per membership!

Join Us

Check Out

Members may check out 3 items at a time. We have an online catalog where you can view our collection and reserve items, and you are welcome to just come in and browse the shelves during our open hours. Items can be kept as long as they are not reserved for someone else. If they are, then the checkout period is 2 weeks.

Overdue Items 

As long as your items are not reserved for someone else, you may keep them until you’d like to check out new items. If your items are reserved, we will send you a notice by email to please return them within 2 weeks. A fine of 50¢ per item, per week, may be imposed for reserved items that are overdue. Fines will not surpass the replacement value of the item. Appointments can be made to return items if you cannot get here during open hours.

Lost and Damaged Items

In the case that an item is not returnable, it may be billed to your account at full replacement value. (This is rarely, if ever, retail value.) If this cost is prohibitive to your continuing membership with the library, we will work with you to find a solution that feels fair to everyone. Possibilities may be replacing the toy yourself with a comparable item, taking a volunteer shift, or whatever we can come up with together. We’ll work it out. We don’t want our members to be afraid to use our toys!

Cleaning and Repairing Items

Members must return items clean.

When an item is damaged, Please bring it back as-is for our assessment. There will be no charge for repairs, but there may be charges for replacement parts.

We will evaluate our policies often to ensure we are serving our community to the best of our ability. We are always open to suggestions!

You can contact us by email at to ask any questions you have prior to deciding whether you’d like to join.

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