Why join a Toy Library?

It’s Money Saving.
Toys cost a lot. Sure, there is much we can do with just some sticks, boxes, string, and toilet paper tubes, but most of us still end up buying our kids quite a few toys. The cost of joining the Toy Library is likely to be much less per year than we usually spend on toys, while giving us access to many bigger ticket items that we may not be able to provide otherwise. And there is the bonus of keeping things fresh by returning and checking out new items every couple of weeks!
It’s Space Saving.
Toys take up a lot of space. We are all challenged by the need for storing all of our children’s toys. It turns out that many items are not used often enough to justify their shelf space all year round; others are bulky, or seasonal, and are just in the way a lot of the time. Joining the Toy Library allows us to use things when we really want them and then to get them out of our house the rest of the time!
It means we can always have Developmentally Appropriate Toys.
Kids grow fast. It can be really challenging to keep up with what kinds of activities are the best fit for our children through all of their stages, and to provide appropriate materials. If our children are using tools (as I like to call toys) that are not really at their level, it can lead to some pretty serious frustration. Joining the Toy Library makes it so much easier to keep on top of our kids’ changes. The PDX Toy Library staff can assist with suggestions tailored to each child and family.
It allows for Test Driving.
Often, toys that we think our kids will love end up ignored of the shelf. Checking things out from the Toy Library gives us a good idea of what engages our children the most, so that when we buy toys for them, we are able to get more milage out of our dollars. Much of the collection at the Toy Library will be locally sourced, and staff will be able to tell us where to go to get that item that our child loves to check out so much.
It’s Sustainable.
It is easy to see how sharing items is more efficient than each of us buying our own entire collection. Toy Libraries are part of a larger movement of resource sharing that is spreading around the whole world. PDX Toy Library is proud to be part of the growing Sharing Economy and is committed to networking with other groups to move the whole concept further along.
It’s Community.
PDX Toy Library looks forward to hosting and participating in many family events– bringing people together to learn, collaborate and socialize. Borrowing from the Toy Library is a great opportunity for children to explore ideas about ownership, responsibility to others, and the benefits of sharing with others.

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