We are seeking toy donations!

We would love to take a look at anything you’ve got! Please contact us by email at pdxtoylibrary@gmail.com if you have toys you’d like to donate and we will schedule a time and place with you. We may be able to pick items up – just ask! We will provide a receipt for your records, as donations are tax deductible. Our primary considerations when accepting toys are safety and durability. We also like things that are easy to clean and repair, have educational/developmental value, and are fun! Because I am often asked exactly what types of toys we are interested in, here is a general category list, intended to show that we want just about everything!

Art/Craft Reusables
like stamps, magnadoodles, etch a sketch, easels, scissors and brushes, play dough tools, stencils

Building and Construction
like marble runs, small manipulatives, blocks, legos

Board Games & Puzzles

Infant toys
like shape sorters, activity boards, push and pull toys, stacking and nesting, tops, pop ups, sensory collections

Dramatic play
like costumes, tool sets, kitchens, housekeeping, cash registers

Musical Instruments that don’t go in the mouth

Outside/Large Motor toys
like play houses, small play structures, pools, tents and tunnels, sensory tables, kites, romote controlled stuff, gardening tools, balls, lawn games, hoppers, trampolines, sleds, wagons, bikes, scooters, bouncers and rockers

Play sets
like playmobil, potato heads, small dollhouses, car and train tracks

like magnifiers, microscopes, telescopes, anatomy models, rock tumblers, globes, planetariums, sensory collections, magnets, nature collections (Shells, seeds, etc) magic tricks

Travel toys – Things that are good for long car and plane trips

2 thoughts on “We are seeking toy donations!

  1. Hi,
    I read the Oregonian article about the new toy library and I have some great art supplies and toys to donate. Let me know when and where to drop them.

    Laura Bolster

    • Hi Laura,
      Thanks for your support! I was unable to email you at the address listed on your comment, not sure why. I hope you see this! I can take your donation at my home in the Foster
      Powell neighborhood, or if you let me know what part of town you are in, I
      may be able to pick them up, if that is better for you. Alternatively, we
      do have some dates coming up when the library will be open to accept
      Dec 22nd from 10am-noon
      Jan 3rd from 10am-3pm

      We are often there doing prep work at unscheduled times. You can call or
      text me at 503-477-0338 to schedule. Thanks again!

      Cat Davila
      Director at PDX Toy Library

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